Concert House Manager

Job Description: Concert House Manager

The Concert House Manager (CHM) will be responsible for oversight of all activities associated with tickets, audience members, and merchandise sales on performance day.


  • Recruit at least 2 people to handle ticket sales (CNS officer can assist with this, if needed)
  • Recruit at least 1 person to handle merchandise sales
  • Contact CNS venue to determine number of ushers needed (2 per entrance; 1-2 ushers inside to assist with seating) Some ushers may be recruited by CNS singing members or come from HYC membership; recruit others as necessary
  • Email all ushers to confirm arrival time (at least 60 minutes prior to performance time) and dress code (shirt and slacks, tie for men, no jeans, no sneakers)
  • Recruit crew for riser transport, set up, and take down
  • Coordinate transport of CNS risers to venue; arrange for arrival and crew set-up (and take down, if necessary) at dress rehearsal


  • Arrive at performance venue at least 90 minutes prior to concert time
  • Collect cash box from CNS Treasurer
    • Contains a “bank” for furnishing change during cash transactions
    • Contains “Will Call” list
    • Contains ticket tallying form
  • Set up ticket tables, chairs, and signs (Ticket Prices, Will Call, Merchandise Sales)
  • Train ushers when all have arrived
  • Admit audience members no more than 30 minutes prior to performance time (attendees requiring additional assistance [e.g., those in a wheelchair] may be admitted earlier at the CHM’s discretion)
  • Oversee all ticket and merchandise transactions


  • Direct ushers to check seating area for programs—programs in good condition can be reused for multiple-performance programs; all others should be recycled
  • Break down and put away in storage ticket tables, chairs, and signs
  • Tally tickets taken/sold and cash/checks collected
    • Done at the end of every performance
    • Everything put into cash box; CHM delivers cash box to Treasurer immediately following the last performance of the program

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