Hi everyone –

Cantata individual parts – another resource

Cindy Marshall stumbled on this while researching practice help

PINKHAM CHRISTMAS CANTATA — Grace Chorale of Brooklyn

Thanks Cindy!

Last Chance to vote

September 30 is the last chance to help us with a donation possibility from BankGloucester

Once on the Website, click Cast your Vote Now! check other and add Chorus North Shore’s name on the line.

Ask family and friends as well.  Every bit helps to defray our operations costs.

25 and 50 Year Recognition

For those singers who are reaching either their 25th and 50th year with the choir and have not been recognized in the past, please let Penny Shaner-Jones know at banjopenny2@gmail.com

Dedication Page

Honor your family and friends this holiday season by dedicating our performance in our program on the HOLIDAY DEDICATION PAGE.  Each line/name (up to 45 characters/spaces) is only $10 or 3/$20.  What a wonderful way to honor your special people this year and help CNS too!  Please fill out form available at rehearsals.  (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY and include your phone number) or contact Cindy Marshall at marshall1973@verizon.net by October 31.

Suzanne Bicknell will be taking orders at Monday’s rehearsal.

No Rehearsal on Columbus Day

Remember we won’t have rehearsal on Columbus Day, October 9

See you Monday night